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Mindfulness can be the answer to many of the problems each one of us faces every day.


So what is mindfulness? Mindfulness is the practice of living in the here and now.


Simple. For example, how often when you are washing your dishes are you thinking about something else? When you are washing dishes, you should be thinking just about washing dishes. When you are shopping for food, are you hungry and thinking about what you want to eat? Supermarkets like this, because you end up buying a lot of things you really don’t need.

By living in the present moment, and paying attention to the thoughts that float through our brain, you become more in control of your life. You can think about whether your actions and proposed purchases are sustainable, and do not use planetary scarce resources.

It takes practice to do this and a couple of daily meditation sessions are extremely beneficial to our health and controlling our feelings and desires. It is very important to be mindful because to think about sustainability takes a lot of effort to overcome old, ingrained habits. It is important to constantly ask yourself if this decision is going to have the least impact on the planet.

As you practice, and constantly remind yourself to be in the moment, you will gradually increase your freedom and your life will become more sustainable.

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By ozhank

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