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New cutting edge for GP bucket

The old cutting edge, lying in background had worn away and some welds were cracked. This is the first big job I have done with the new generator running the welder. Does not even blink when arc struck. The bucket is warped so hard to do a good job. And I have forgotten a lot of welding skills. The backside is much better than the top. Still have to hardface the bucket bottom along the sides and the back.

Loaded up, ready to deliver to the first spot.

The gravel I am using was dozed up about 12 months ago for house site, for an earthship. Much more gravel available than will be used in the building, so going to fix up our access road reserve. The local shire will do nothing on it, as it is not on their road register – they will only add it once I have up to their standards.

Second load.

The underbody hoist does a good job, just have to remember to load towards the back of the tray. Issues with engaging the hydraulic pump, and the handbrake (now broken cable) that need to be resolved.

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