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Well it had to happen. At last the skies have delivered some much needed rain. Rainwater tanks now overflowing, and dams have some water. Not full yet, but getting there slowly.

Top Dam
Top Dam being checked by Buster and Lucy.
From January rain
House dam after January 2020 rain event.
House Dam
House dam still filling after 40mm storm in February 2020.

An update – after 68mm last night, the dam is about to run over! And yes, I have moved the pump to higher ground!

Dam now within 300mm of being full and running over – first time in many years.
house dam, looking from spillway back towards the house.

dogs in inflowing water
Buster and Lucy playing in the water. They just love playing in it. The overflow/spillway is about 1.5m up, to the right of the dogs, where the clay patch at base of tree is showing.
dogs at damaged creek crossing
Dogs (Buster and Lucy) checking out the damaged creek crossing. Looks like another job to be done with gravel!
Dam on new property.
Dam on new property, Buster the red cattle dog checking it out!
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