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Geraldton Wax is a flowering shrub with white or pink flowers that comes from Western Australia. It is very similar to Tea Tree and the flowers last a long time, making it very popular in the cut flower trade.

This plant is supposed to be frost tender – the temperatures go down to -6C here. Without any care over the last 3 years, it has survived and this is the 2012 flowering – absolutely magnificent (well, in my opinion). There aren’t many local shrubs that can match it. It loves sandy soil in moderate to full sun, and will withstand dry periods, making it perfect for growing in my local climate. It is short-lived in high humidity areas, like along the east coast of Australia.

Geraldton Wax Flowering 2012
Geraldton Wax Flowering 2012
native bee coming in for nectar on Geraldton Wax flower
Native bee coming in for nectar

Many of my neighbours have tried growing these without success. Their properties are lower down, and receive heavier, longer frosts that I do.

Next year, I intend to plant many more these to provide extra food for the insects and birds. Since moving to this place, our plantings of calistemons  and grevilleas has increased the bird population as well as our local native stingless bees, as they now have food when the local natives are not flowering. We are surrounded by native forest, so all we are doing is supplementing their diets.

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